Opioid-Abatement Toolkit

Opioid-Abatement Toolkit

Communiversity Developed and Tested

Substance Use Health Assessment

We are not faceless people but your neighbors. We care about you and our community. We designed this test to cover the high points in this opioid abatement presentation. We want to know if you have learned some of the key parts. We hope so.

Take the test and then check your answers. See which of the questions you did not get right. Review the answers to the sections about that. Then, retake the test and see if you do better. After you take the test, send us the result on the test, and if you have achieved a score of 70 percent or more, we will send you a certificate that shows you have achieved mastery of the Communiversity Opioid Abatement Project. Then, use your knowledge with your family and community. Let’s now work together to lower the number of deaths from opioids.

Learning Modules